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Care Through Culinary: Nourishing The Mind, Body, and Soul

All Foods Fit and Intuitive Eating Principles

We are born as intuitive eaters, attuned to our internal cues, and equipped to honor our bodies by responding to these cues. At Aster Springs, we explore how diet culture and external influences disconnect individuals from their internal cues. We believe that all foods fit into a well-balanced lifestyle because every food we consume serves a purpose by nourishing the body. Our philosophy challenges clients to work toward unconditional permission to eat by exposing them to a wide variety of foods. Our clients work to rebuild trust in feeding themselves and understanding that all foods are morally equivalent.
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The Care Through Culinary Difference

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Nutrition: A Vital Part of Treatment

At Aster Springs, high-quality, client-centered care provides the basis for our holistic treatment. The teamwork dynamic at Aster Springs fosters each client’s internal motivation and intrinsic desire to build a positive relationship with food.

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Care Through Culinary™: Helping Our Clients Progress In Their Recoveries

Our nutritional and culinary teams are dedicated to preparing nutritious food and by doing so, extending real-time care to our clients. Culinary excellence involves nourishing the mind, body, and spirit and our clinical teams collaborate with each client in four key areas to help them achieve life-long recovery by:
This culinary collaboration builds the foundation of recovery by instilling clients with the knowledge, trust, and confidence they need to make choices that support sustainable freedom.

Meet the Nutritional and Culinary Staff

Joseph Wilson – Chef

Joe is a chef who has spent his entire culinary career within healthcare. He’s worked in adolescent residential care for eating disorders in Durham, NC, as well as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment for adolescents and adult clients in Richmond, VA. A graduate of the Art Institutes Culinary Program in Durham, NC, Joseph also served in the U.S. Navy.

His food philosophy regarding eating disorder treatment is to minimize anxiety surrounding food. This is achieved through food exposures in a guided, fun, less clinical environment where clients can learn fundamental knowledge regarding ingredients, cooking methods, history, and applications. A key component of treatment includes culinary groups where clients learn these skills and the ability to process their relationship with the healing nature of nutrition.

Emily Moorefield, RD – Director of Nutrition Services

Emily is a registered dietitian who obtained her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from James Madison University. She went on to complete her dietetic internship at University of Virginia Health Systems. She’s currently working on her accreditation to be a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CED-RD). Prior to joining the Aster Springs team, Emily served as the Nutrition Manager at an eating disorder facility. Her career has included working at various levels of care for treating eating disorders to help clients improve their relationship with food. She’s also had the opportunity to raise awareness and provide education to the community on eating disorders through presentations and interdisciplinary panel discussions. Her counseling techniques integrate evidence-based nutrition science and motivational interviewing to aid her clients in reaching their full potential. Emily takes a therapeutic approach to nutrition and can connect with clients exceeding far beyond their relationship with food. She utilizes the Health at Every Size and All Foods Fit approaches.

Olivia Hutchinson, RD – Registered Dietician

Olivia completed her dietetic internship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2016, and has been practicing as a dietitian since. Prior to joining the Aster Springs team, she worked in the acute care setting with a wide variety of patients, including those with eating disorders. She’s passionate about working with eating disorders and takes a client-centered approach to help clients achieve their recovery goals.   

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